I'm using an MSI GP60 2PE Leopard running Windows 7 Ultimate x64. It has gotten a bit slugging, but it is very slow and prone to freezing 1 or 2 minutes after logging in. The hard drive light is on constantly during this period. To make things even worse, this is a gaming computer, which shouldn't really be having these problems. So it's either start up programs or drivers that are causing problems.

One time I made a new partition and installed windows 10 on it. It was running smoothly. But then I ran the driver installation disk that came with the laptop on windows 10, and I noticed the frame rate decreased. So drivers seem to be the main culprit.

I went back into windows 7 and opened up device manager and checked how many drivers there were. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, until I came across the system devices. There were 35 drivers installed there.

enter image description here enter image description here

More info: Chrome takes half a minute to get ready after first run on windows session.

Edit: Games run smoothly and don't seem to be affected by this problem. Edit: The computer runs snappily after the hard drive calms down. Disabling Superfetch (made sure it didn't re enable after reboot) didn't speed up boot. Here was the disk i used to install drivers:

enter image description here


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I checked the trace with WPA and I can see that coreServiceShell.exe causes a lot of DiskIO. I see that the file coreServiceShell.exe belongs to Trend Micro Anti-Malware. So uninstall Trend Micro and try a different Av suite.

enter image description here

To really speedup your gaming laptop, replace the WD Blue 2.5" HDD with an SSD.

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