I have setup a squid proxy so that it listens on a HTTPS port instead of the usual HTTP port, in order to have encrypted communication between the client and the proxy itself.

While I have been able to configure other tools such as Firefox to use said proxy, I am unable to do the same with cURL. Regardless of how I set the proxy (environment variables, command line arguments...) cURL insists on trying to connect through plain HTTP.

Looking at cURL documentation for proxies, it seems that only SOCKS or plain HTTP is supported. Can anybody confirm this ? If so, there is any other similar tool that supports a proxy running on a HTTPS port ?


you have to wait some weeks, because this feature will be included in the next version which should be release on 21st of December https://daniel.haxx.se/blog/2016/11/26/https-proxy-with-curl/

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