Consider this scnerio:

apache server listening on 192.168.2.xx. There is no port forwarding setup on router, so this apache instance cannot be accessed from wan.

I have access to same machine over ssh. Router is forwarding port 22 to target machine.

What I want to do is connect a web browser to that apache instance using my ssh connection.

Is this possible?


Absolutely. You can use ssh -L to accomplish this type of port forwarding. Presuming your target machine's Apache is listening on 80, do this from your client machine:

ssh -L 6789:localhost:80 target-machine

Will allow you to talk to your target machine's Apache via localhost:6789 on the client. Specifically, you could visit http://localhost:6789 in your web browser.

Commonly, the -N flag is used in conjunction with ssh -L, which will prevent SSH from running any remote commands, and just forward the port.

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