Is there a way to have Chrome always show me the entire list of bookmark folders, instead of having to navigate through the shortlist and "Choose another folder"?

Screenshot - whyyyyyy?!

I have multiple nested folders, many with similar or identical names (e.g. a "To Read" folder nested inside a given topic), and often can't tell which folder is the correct one. Showing the hierarchy inline would be impractical, so the full view is most useful to me.

Clearly I could make (and maintain) my own fork of Webkit/Chrome, switch to a 3rd-party bookmark manager extension that hijacks the keyboard shortcut for bookmarks, restructure my bookmarks, etc, but I am not really interested in approaches that are going to require more work than they save. I'm looking for a hidden setting or a "tweaks" extension (if Chrome API even allows such a thing).


Try the Bookmark Manager extension by Google. It might help you get around the issue of getting to the right folder.

When you try and save a bookmark, you'll see your nested folders by following the > icon.

Reveal Nested Folders

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