I am connecting two Windows PCs (XP and Vista, if that matters) via direct connection (the 169.254.. IP addresses). The XP box is serving FTP via FileZilla Server, and the Vista box is downloading, using either Windows Explorer or FileZilla Client. This works, however I'm seeing a consistent speed of 1.2MB/s, despite the fact that both the XP and Vista boxes have Gigabit connections. I'm using a CAT5 cable admittedly, but worst case I feel like I should be seeing ~100Mb/s transfer speeds at least.

Does anyone know what the bottleneck here is, and if there's any way to get more reasonable transfer speeds?


It's possible that you have one of the interfaces configured to use 10Mb/s wire protocol; or that it's auto-negotiating at a low speed. You may want to manually configure them to use the 1000BASE-T in the device manager and see if that helps your case.

  • Spot on - Intel's driver was set to auto-detect the connection speed, and for whatever reason was defaulting to 10Mb/s. Thanks alot! – dimo414 Feb 1 '10 at 23:24

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