Im thinking to use codeanywhere on my laptop. Currently im using dreamweaver on my desktop and it has a feature to search through all files for a string i.e. i want to fine all files that call a certain function.

is there a way to do that in codeanywhere?


This may be relevant to you (the section entitled: GoTo (Find in Files))

In order to search across a set of files, you'll want to use the Goto Files feature. Here, you can search of a string or regular expression, within your entire File Explorer. You can also filter based on extensions, like .html or .php. It is located on top of File Explorer and is represented by magnifying glass icon and the "Goto Files" text.

  • i dont seem to have that option for some reason: – Andrew Jan 10 '16 at 17:08
  • i.imgur.com/YdHQcIy.png – Andrew Jan 10 '16 at 17:08
  • @Andrew Not sure - may be worth trying to contact them directly as this is from their documentation. I just checked and I too do not have it and can't see a way to find it. – Jonno Jan 10 '16 at 17:44
  • ok thanks, at least i know its not just my account – Andrew Jan 11 '16 at 18:33

You can workaround the problem by doing a search at the SSH Terminal: grep -rnw -e "you search text"

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