In the OpenWrt LuCi web interface, one can create rules but leave them disabled.

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I have a rule for forwarding public web traffic to one of the hosts on my private network, but I usually leave it disabled. When I want to enable it, I log into the LuCi web interface and click the enable button.

I can ssh to my OpenWrt device. Is it possible to enable these saved rules from the command line? For example, with the iptables command? I don't see the disabled rule listed with

iptables -L -t NAT
  • How do you "disable" the rule, and/or how do you "enable" it? (Please edit.)
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    Jan 10, 2016 at 17:09

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Add new redirect section to firewall config

it'll be latest in list of redirects sections
uci add firewall redirect - this will return you your new section name, for example - cfgca3837.
Then you should use that new section name for setting its attributes:

uci set firewall.cfgca3837.name='ssh to lan'
uci set firewall.cfgca3837.target=DNAT
uci set firewall.cfgca3837.src=wan
uci set firewall.cfgca3837.dest=lan
uci set firewall.cfgca3837.proto=tcp
uci set firewall.cfgca3837.dest_ip=
uci set firewall.cfgca3837.src_dport=2222
uci set firewall.cfgca3837.dest_port=22

Commit changes to firewall config

uci commit firewall

Revert changes to firewall config

uci revert firewall

Enable section 2 of redirects

uci set firewall.@redirect[2].enabled=1

Disable section 2 of redirects

uci set firewall.@redirect[2].enabled=0

Reorder section, but it doesn't work well from CLI

uci reorder firewall.cfgca3837=2

Show your new config section

uci show firewall.cfgca3837

Show pending changes in firewall config

uci changes firewall

Show section 2 of redirects in firewall config

uci show firewall.@redirect[2]

Show all firewall config

uci show firewall

Reload firewall rules, it doesn't reload custom rules (/etc/firewall.user)

fw3 reload
  • Thanks. Will try over the weekend and then send response. Jan 23, 2018 at 14:56

OPENWRT is adding to firewall config one line when the rule is disabled: option enabled '0' You need to edit /etc/config/firewall and add following line to the rule you want to disable. Then firewall has to be restarted.

  • Thanks. I think I see what you mean, but I haven't tried enabling and disabling yet. I'm using chaos calmer r47608. Will this option work with my version without applying any updates? Jan 4, 2017 at 15:56

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