I bought a new laptop (HP Pavilion 15-ab111la Notebook) with 1TB HDD, 12GB RAM, AMD A-10 CPU and Radeon R8 graphics card. I started to download and install games from my steam account and noticed most of them freeze every 2-10 seconds.

Checked my devices administrator, as well as AMD Radeon Graphics settings utiliy and it says I have a R6 primary graphics card and a R8 linked graphics card.

Primary R6, Linked R8
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I tried configuring AMD Radeon Dual Graphics to use both of them on my games but it only seemed to end in an even worse performance. When configuring graphics or 3d accelerator on a game like Skyrim here:

Like Skyrim here

I can only choose the R6 card (500MB of dedicated memory) and never the R8 card (2GB of dedicated memory) so I can't run any game properly (Not even Age of Empires, for God's sake!!!) Is there a way to set my R8 card as primary and default graphic card instead of the R6? How can I take advantage of my AMD Radeon R8 graphics card?


I've never seen a laptop with crossfire capability desktop only the only exception is MAYBE the alienware type boxes that allow an external graphic card to be attached like these: https://www.computershopper.com/feature/2017-guide-the-best-external-graphics-card-boxes-egpus

maybe its dual graphics in your case, i suspect its a driver error. do a clean install: https://community.amd.com/thread/180667

then download the newest drivers


I think you might find a solution in this link https://community.amd.com/thread/189619 , they have a similar problems about changing between primary and linked adapter.

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