I need to create a wrapper script for PHP interpreter (already in PATH):

# This is a wrapper for the PHP interpreter.
# We prepare the enviroment for SQL Anywhere PHP extension sourcing
# /opt/sqlanywhere17/bin64/sa_config.sh and then we call the PHP
# interpreter already in the PATH passing -dextension=sqlanywere.so which
# enable the PHP extension.
# Don't enable sqlanywhere.so globally becase for some reason this will
# break the command "plesk bin php_handler". In addition the extension
# requires the SQLANY17 environment variable which is hard to set with
# CGI/FastCGI at this time.
php $@

My php-wrapper however is not working properly with quotes. For example, this works with the original interpreter:

php-r 'echo "Works";'

Running php-wrapper with the same arguments:

./php-wrapper -r 'echo "Works";'

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in Command line code on line 1

How can I debug arguments $@ to see what's happening and how can I solve this problem?

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Wrap your $@ in double quotes, thusly:

php "$@"

What's happening is that the arguments to php-wrapper are -r and echo "Works"; which is fine. However, because $@ isn't quoted, all the arguments php-wrapper receives are parsed as separate words, so php is being passed -r, echo, and "Works". With the double-quoted $@, php will be passed -r and echo "Works".

From the bash manual page:

   @      Expands to the positional parameters, starting from  one.   When
          the  expansion  occurs  within  double  quotes,  each  parameter
          expands to a separate word.  That is, "$@" is equivalent to "$1"
          "$2"  ...

Here's a little script I use when argument parsing isn't happening the way I want it to:

$ cat echoargs
#!/bin/bash --


for i in "$@"
    echo "$count: $i"


Change your wrapper script to:

echoargs $@
echo ====
echoargs "$@"

and then try various invocations of the wrapper to see what it's passing on.

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