How can I upgrade Python from 2.7.10 to 2.7.11 on OSX (Yosemite)?

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    Isnt python already on 3.6? – jiggunjer Jan 14 '16 at 10:06

You should not replace the Python version that comes with OS X. If you do, you may break something in your system. Instead, you should install a new instance of Python.

You could use brew whenever they are offering 2.7.11:

brew install python

However, it is likely that they still only offer 2.7.10. In that case, you can download the source code and compile it yourself. Unpack into a directory and run:

./configure --prefix=/opt/python2.7.11 && make && make install

brew install python@2

You can install python 2 version this

(It will take only latest 2.7.X version)

brew install python

will install python 3.

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