Is there a way to enable push to talk for Skype for Business? Some guides mention enabling it in "Advanced options" -> "hotkeys", but I cannot find advanced options or hotkeys under settings.

  • In the Mac Skype version 7.59 (since 5.0) DURING a call you can press Command-Option-Control-Up_Arrow to start push to talk. After than you must hold this conversation to talk. Muting/Unmuting cancel this. Has anyone tried this in Skype for Business? I'm unable to try it. – dlamblin Nov 21 '17 at 4:57

"Push to talk" is currently only available in "Skype". "Skype for Business" is currently lacking this feature. You can however press "Windows logo key"+F4 to toggle mute on/off. It's a global hotkey, so you don't need to have the window focused. When you mute the mic you will hear a *diu* sound and the mic icon will also change into muted mic icon. When you unmute there's no sound, but the mic icon will change back to into mic open icon.

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At time of writing this, Skype for Business does not have a native push to talk feature.

There is a feature request for this here.

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