I use Link2SD in my Android Phone to link some of my apps into external second partition. My external total size is 32GB and I partition it into 2 partition. First Partition is using FAT32, and the second is using EXT4 for 6GB. And now my Second partition free space is almost full. I already clean 2nd partition using LINK2SD feature but still not working. And I think some of junk files is still there (the 2nd partition).

Is any way to access that 2nd partition and I can see what inside, so that I can manualy clean the junk files?

(I'm using Windows 10 for my Primary Oprating System. I'm not yet try access the 2nd partition using Linux)

note: I try to use Ext2Fsd but the 2nd partition file system is can't be access, and can't be mounted.

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