I have:

I want to connect my satellite receiver with monitor to use my monitor as a TV, so please help me regarding to this issue.

  1. Is there:

    • Any cable/converter for HDMI output to DP input? I think no.
    • HDMI output to DVI-D input cable/converter?
  2. I don't want to lose picture quality, so please tell me which one is better for 1920x1080p?

    • A adopter/converter (with a internal circuit)
    • A simple cable?

    I don't have issue with audio because there is another 3.5 mm jack on satellite receiver, that I will use as a audio output.

  3. One more question, picture quality will be same as of HDMI to HDMI or will be lower due to conversion or any other issue?

So please guide me this will work? Which one is better?


There's no real difference between HDMI, DisplayPort and DVI-D at that resolution. Just get a passive HDMI-to-DisplayPort adapter, there's plenty of them. There is no loss in quality because both standards are digital.

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