An excerpt from AHK doc:

How can a hotkey or hotstring be made exclusive to certain program(s)? In other words, I want a certain key to act as it normally does except when a specific window is active.

The preferred method is #IfWinActive. For example:

#IfWinActive, ahk_class Notepad
^a::MsgBox You pressed Control-A while Notepad is active.

This works fine, but the entire rest of the AHK script file is conditionally run only when Notepad is focused.

How do I end the #IfWinActive. Better yet, where is the documentation that explains what # followed by a thing means.


I found more documentation that fully explains what's going on here.

This language does not use an endif. You just write #if with no args to specify the negative case.

Terrible language. ;) But, it actually makes sense. This is less expressive from a programming point of view, but since the script is a configuration, 99% of the time you do want to split the binds into equally mutually exclusive zones of the file.

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