I'd like to install nano on a virtual machine installed with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP4. There are no package repositories defined in YaST. What repo URL should I use? I can't find any on the web.

Thank you for your help.


I don't know of a repository for this version, but it is still possible to download an ISO.

The name of the ISO is SLES-10-SP4-DVD-i386-GM-DVD1.iso for the i386 version, or SLES-10-SP4-DVD-x86_64-GM-DVD1.iso for the x86_64 version.

Here are a couple of download links that I found using Google :

  • It's sad that these files cannot be downloaded from suse.com anymore... Thanks for the links. I needed the 64-bit version, so I downloaded the second one. I found the MD5 hash of the iso on the web, so I could test it and it was OK. Unfortunately, I could not find nano, only vi and joe were available in the iso. – kol Jan 21 '16 at 13:21
  • Nano can be installed from scratch. – harrymc Jan 21 '16 at 13:31
  • I tried it but make fails with nano.h:93:20: error: curses.h: No such file or directory. – kol Jan 21 '16 at 14:37
  • Perhaps nano-2.0.6 worked once. – harrymc Jan 21 '16 at 15:01
  • I solved it... Using a "version bisection method", I quickly found that the latest rpm which could be installed without problems was 2.1.7. So I did wget http://www.nano-editor.org/dist/v2.1/RPMS/nano-2.1.7-1.x86_64.rpm and then sudo rpm -i nano-2.1.7-1.x86_64.rpm. – kol Jan 21 '16 at 15:10

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