I have a Word 2010 document containing a list of blocks with predifined styles. The styles are used in another software to process these blocks.

I created the document using a wrong quickpart so all the blocks contain a wrong style in their identifier line.

Here the ID line of the blocks:

PREFIX_111_222_SUFFIX_incrementalID: The title of the block

The ID is incremental (001, 002, 003, ...), and the title is different for each block. For example:

  • PREFIX_111_222_SUFFIX_001: This is the title of #1
  • PREFIX_111_222_SUFFIX_002: Here is title #2

And the styles are:

  • PREFIX_111_222_SUFFIX_incrementalID: has "Style1"
  • The title of the block has "Style2"
  • ¶ has style "Normal"

The problem is that ¶ should have been Sytle1 in the Quickpart! Now I need to change all of them so that they use the correct style.

Is there a way to achieve that with Word 2010?

I quite trained using "standard" regexp (python, perl, vim, etc.), but I am totally stuck with Word.

I really need help on this one.

Edit: Here is what I tryed so far:

First I tried to match the ID. I tried those patterns but they all fail:

  • (PREFIX_111_222_SUFFIX_*>) *:
  • (PREFIX_111_222_SUFFIX_*>) *:(*)(^13)

It selects 2 lines instead of just one...

My idea is to:

  1. First add # to identify the areas I want to work with:

    Pattern (PREFIX_111_222_SUFFIX_*>) *:(\*)^13
    Replacement string: \1: \2###

Of course I tried many other patterns but none of them matches the whole and only the whole line.

  1. Then change the style of the line:

    Pattern (###^13)

But can't get step 1 to work. So I am totally stuck.

Here is some text sample I tried with:

PREFIX_111_222_SUFFIX_0001: The title of the block
Subcat1: XYZ
Subcat2: XYZ

PREFIX_111_222_SUFFIX_0002: The title of the block
Subcat1: XYZ
Subcat2: XYZ

Sorry, for the delay I am quite overbooked those days... Thank you again for your help!

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    please share what have you tried and why those doesn't work. It'd be much more easy to help then reproducing your whole issue. – Máté Juhász Jan 18 '16 at 14:31
  • Solution, however probably will need to use a stepwise approach: 1. change the style of your whole quickpart to style1 2. change the style of text (without paragraph mark) to style 2 3. change style of prefix to style 1 – Máté Juhász Jan 18 '16 at 14:35
  • @MátéJuhász: I added some details regarding my unsuccessful attempts. Sorry for the delay, I am really busy those days. Thanks for your help and suggestions! – Plouff Jan 20 '16 at 9:25

I finally found why I was totally lost. I didn't checked the boxes "ignore punctuation" and "ignore spaces". I only checked "use special characters"

Now a pattern like:


Is successfully accepted.

So like I said before, I used # to identify my titles so that I can apply the correct style to them with another search and replace!

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