I want to create a word file that displays the tree structure of my music folder.
I only want to list the folders. For now I'm using the command line:

tree /f >tree. 

By using that command line the *.mp3 files also get listed.
How can I visualize only the folders as a tree on windows?

  • Use tree > tree.txt it will not report the files. PS> welcome on Super User
    – Hastur
    Jan 19, 2016 at 9:53

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You can use simply (without the /f)

tree > tree.txt

and then import the file.txt in Word.

The general syntax of the command [1],[2] is

tree [Drive:][Path] [/f] [/a]

and the option /f is used to show the filenames too.

/f Displays file names in each directory.

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