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I'm using this formula in my main worksheet in cell N3:



  • $B3 lists first/last names on main worksheet.
  • Totals!$K$3:$K$33 lists first/last names on "Totals" worksheet.
  • M$3:M$33 contains a numbers.

I'm looking for a way to count the numbers in column "M" if the names in column "K" match/are duplicates.

Row 3 "K" = David / M = 39

Row 4 "K" = Angela / M = 53

Row 5 "K" = Angela / M = 3

Row 6 "K" = Paul / M = 61

Row 7 "K" = Betty / M = 49

Desired result: If $B3 = Angela, then "56" is the result found in cell N3 on the main worksheet.

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You are looking for SUMIF()


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