When i issue the command "yum update" as root under CentOS, all updates will be installed. But what exactly happens during the update process. I am asking myself how a package gets updated.

For example:

Original Installed Package: File A File B

Package with update: File A (still the same) File B (has changed)

What happens now? Does "yum update" also overwrites File A or only File B?

Thanks four your help!


If it is regular file then B will be overwritten. If you mark it as %config in %files section then it is overwritten but previous version is preserved as B.rpmsave. When you use %config(noreplace) then B is kept untouched and new file is saved as B.rpmnew.

I simplified it, more verbose explanation can be found here: http://www-uxsup.csx.cam.ac.uk/~jw35/docs/rpm_config.html

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