Steps taken:

  1. Initially, updating was working fine.
  2. Two days ago, clicked 'enable automatic updates for all users' in about:chrome
  3. Then received 'chrome Update failed (error: 11)'
  4. Searched on how to resolve that issue. The solution was to run 'defaults write com.google.Keystone.Agent checkInterval 0' and 'sudo rm -rf /Library/Google' (which I backed up)
  5. Today, I went to check for chrome updates. It said update found, and now it's been stuck on 'updating chrome' for ~10 mins. Have tried restarting, and also re-deleting /Library/Chrome
  • We have no idea what OS you are running, that might help, or it could make no difference still good information to have. – Ramhound Jan 22 '16 at 1:11
  • You are completely right. Oops! Was Mac OS 10.11.2. Though it turns out the problem has magically resolved itself. – tobeannounced Jan 24 '16 at 19:00

The problem seems to have resolved itself without any action on my part.

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