I have two separate computers(both Windows 10) in different locations, different ISPs for both. From one computer say A, ping to an online game server is horrible(+300ms) thanks to ISPs garbage routing probably. From other computer say B it is around 60-70ms. A change in ISP is not possible unfortunately. But the two computers are close, within like 10 miles.

What I wish to achieve is to somehow connect these two computers and route all my internet from bad ISP computer A through the other one and get some playable ping count. I can ping computer B router and get at 20ms ping, so I'm hoping to get somewhere around 100ms if it is successful.

Is something like possible or am I stupid to think of this? If there is some solution, please guide me. So far, I tried setting up computer B as a VPN server and connect to it from A. It shows VPN is connected, but I lose all internet access on computer A after that. After default gateway fix, I get internet access back, but then I get no benefit of connection to the VPN. I cant even see shared files of anything, so that is another issue, I'd like an answer to this too please. Please help me, if it is possible.

I own both computers and are kept always on. Also, computer B is behind a cisco router and has no access lists. Is some port forwarding also required for this if feasible? Computer A is on a broadband connection, no static IP.

  • Too broad to really answer, try and have specific questions. Google "what is my IP", then connect the VPN and set default gateway, then google it again, does the IP change? If so your games should be nice and quick, if not then it won't work. – Linef4ult Jan 25 '16 at 14:13

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