While trying to update my brother printer (DCP-8080DN) firmware, the java program asks for a admin password, and says that it could only have been altered by a BRadmin program, otherwise the default would be "access".

of course, if i am here, the default "access" was not accepted. And i bought this printer new a long time ago, and have never touched the firmware or even heard of a bradmin program until now.

Is there any way to see the current password on the panel? if not, would a factory reset via the menu restore the password to the default? if not, what will?

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    Just a thought, if the printer is connected to network you can try visiting http://<printer ip> and see if you can log in with default credentials - admin/access. I have not used BRAdmin program, but have used web interface for Brother MFC-7450 DN many times – user871199 Jan 27 '16 at 2:21

It looks like you might be able to reset to factory settings via the control panel on the device as well.

From Brother's FAQ:

Via the control panel (only for network ready models)

  1. Make sure the machine is not operating, then disconnect all the cables from the machine (except power cable).
  2. Press the Menu or Menu/Set key on the control panel.
  3. Press up or down navigation key to select LAN or Network and press Set, Menu/Set or OK.
  4. Press up or down navigation key to select Factory Reset or Network Reset and press Set, Menu/Set or OK.
  5. Select Reset.
  6. Select Yes.
  7. The machine will re-start, re-connect cables once this is complete.

I spent many hours doing a variety of factory resets and trying the password above, "access". Apparently, Brother pushed out a firmware update recently which changed the default password on many devices to "initpass". So, if you are locked out of the web interface give this a try.


  • Boom! This was the answer I'm looking for. The default password was indeed "initpass". Thanks! – cgossain Oct 11 '18 at 16:53

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