I have seen and used many other tips and advice to help what I am doing, Im not coding or anything just working with normal text and messaging and I wanting to know how to delete everything in a line of the character I want which happens to be * But I have almost everything with 2 * with words between that does not need to be deleted..


What I have- * Hello, how is everything * this is only a test

What I want to do- * Hello, how is everything *

I have multiple of these in my file with different things so wondering How do I delete everything after the second * in every line that has them?


For the specific example you gave you could use the Find/Replace window with a regex.

In the "Find what" box:


And in the "Replace with" box:

  • that has worked perfectly, that was the last thing i needed to know for notepad++ man, thanks – Chris Keith Jan 27 '16 at 8:21

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