I am trying to get an average depending on two drop down lists. But i would like to get an average even when the second drop down has no input in it.

The formula I use is a simple: AVERAGEIFS with: average range depending on the number column, 1st drop down list range and the drop down list cell as a criteria1 and the same for the second one.

Unfortunately I get an error outcome when there is no data selected in the second drop down list.

How can i modify the formula? Here is a picture of what i have.

Here is a picture of what i have


You need to use some IFs to make it working:



I used this formula in the end and it worked. I dont know why yours was still giving me an error.

Thank you for your help

=IF(B3="",AVERAGEIF(taille,A3,D7:D12),IF(A3="",AVERAGEIF(type,B3,D7:D12),IFERROR(AVERAGEIFS(D7:D12,taille,A3,type,B3),"No Combo")))

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