I'm working on an excel spreadsheet, and im aiming for a clean interface with almost all cells filled with specific formula.

Ex formula on column V : =IF(G1=" LNN ","PENDING", "N/A")


What's happening right now is even though there's no data on column G, column V returns one of the "values" on the syntax.

What I want to happen is if a cell in column G doesnt have any data on it, the fields on column V will just be blank / empty.

Is that possible?


It's a very minor change.

=IF(G1="","",IF(G1=" LNN ","PENDING", "N/A"))


=IF(ISBLANK(G1),"",IF(G1=" LNN ","PENDING", "N/A"))

The IF statement is of the syntax IF(Test,True,False). If the condition is true, it returns whatever is in the True parameter. In any other case, it returns whatever is in the False parameter.

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