what is equivalent of dhclient command in mac os x?


Darwin/Mac OS doesn't run separate processes to handle obtaining DHCP code, instead all handling of DHCP leases, &c, is handled by the IPConfiguration agent. As users, our interface to this is through ipconfig.

If you want information on a DHCP lease, ipconfig getpacketinterface (e.g., en0, en1), will give you the full lease packet it received from the server; e.g.:

htype = 1
dp_flags = 0
hlen = 6
hops = 0
xid = 272692599
secs = 0
ciaddr =
yiaddr =
siaddr =
giaddr =
chaddr = 0:11:24:a2:7:87
sname = 
file = 
Options count is 7
dhcp_message_type (uint8): ACK 0x5
server_identifier (ip):
lease_time (uint32): 0xd2f00
subnet_mask (ip):
router (ip_mult): {}
domain_name_server (ip_mult): {}
end (none): 
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did you just want to renew your ip? if so have a look at this question.

hope this helps

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