I want to print the calendar in terminal using cal -y command , but in reverse order. What should I add to print the calendar from December to January?


When you're satisfied with output in 1 column:

for m in {12..1}; do cal $m 2016; done

Really reversed, but probably not what you want:

cal -y | tac

Reversed in 3 columns by row of 3 months:

cal -y | perl -0777 -ne 's/\s*$//;@r=split /(\n(?=  +[A-Z]))/; print reverse @r';

And with the year still on top:

cal -y | perl -n0777e '
    s/\s*$//; @r=split /(\n(?= +[A-Z]))/; $y=shift @r;
    print $y,"\n",reverse @r;'

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