I have an Excel worksheet in which I have 15 columns. In column 13 I have 3 names and blank spaces spasmodically placed, in the 3rd column i have dates running from latest to earliest down the page. I want to find a specific name in column 13 and fill a cell on another worksheet with the date from column 3. Can anyone give me a formulae to do this?



You can use VLOOKUP but the look-up column needs to be left of the column containing the data to write out. To use VLOOKUP we could copy column 3 to column 16.

=VLOOKUP('lookup_value', 'table_array', 'col_index_num', 'range_loopup')

'range_loopup' should be set to FALSE to get exact matches and 'col_index_num' is the column number of the data to write out (the lookup column is defined as column 1, here). Column M is the 13th column of the sheet and column P the 16th of the sheet. The column from which data should be shown has to be within the rang of table_array.


Example data (not appropriate columns):

enter image description here

The sheet in which we want to use the data is shown:

enter image description here

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  • Sorry to take so long to get back to Thank you for that Daniel, but I neglected to mention that I can not change the positions of the columns without causing a lot of other issues. Any other ideas would be appreciated though – Daz Feb 15 '16 at 7:49

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