I have Excel file with four sheets.

How to make duplication using Excel built-in function using specific parameters?


Sheet 1 - Total:

         A            B          C
1    Iveco         100          4.5
2    Jaguar        200          2.3
3    Iveco         150          1.0
4    Skoda         300          1.0

Sheet 2 - Iveco:

      A            B
1    100          4.5
2    150          1.0

Sheet 3 - Jaguar:

      A            B
1    200          2.3

Sheet 4 - Skoda:

      A            B
1    300         1.0

So if I wrote at cell A5 in Sheet 1 - Total value "Iveco", automatically wrote values from cells B5, C5 to the Sheet 2 - Iveco, cells A3, B3.



My VLOOKUP in Sheet 2 - Iveco:


I have a formula that should work for you that I've used in similar situations.

Use this formula in your non-Total sheets. It'll grab the sheet name, and look for that in your Total sheet, then return the column B (or whatever you put in the Index()) info. without repeating:


The range Total!B1:B4 should be the range of data you want to return. Total!A1:A4is the list of sheet names.

Enter this with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

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