I have a Macbook Pro and installed on this is Windows via Bootcamp. Now I do a lot of programming and I can't find the hash key! Am I missing an obvious shortcut or is there a way to change the shortcuts on Windows in order to map hash to a key (alt 3, ala the Mac)

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    It may be worth noting that you're using a British English keyboard. – MJeffryes Jul 15 '09 at 11:56

Ctrl+Alt+3. This requires Bootcamp drivers are installed.


It's the RH ALT key + 3 for # on my MBA under Win8.1 Bootcamp


I'd just like to add that I'm also programming on Windows on a Macbook, and I find AutoHotKey completely invaluable for programming shortcuts.

Quick example, if I press /' or '/ it actually gives me /* and */ which is great for commenting stuff out.

You could use AHK to setup another key to give you a # symbol.


Low-tech solution when nothing else will work...

Select below and hit Ctrl+C


then Ctrl+V in your code window :)

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