Is there any way to use emoticons beyond the default drop down list in Office Communicator 2007 R2? Do you have to install them, or can you just type in different codes? Is this even possible, or are the defaults the only ones you can use?


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You can't, according to the MSDN forums (and their user Thom Foreman):

There is no way to add emoticons to OC. I have not heard of plans on adding them to future releases. I will put this as a feature request.

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Change your font to Wingdings. Use the Windows Character Map (in menu Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools on some versions of Windows) to pick the picture you want to use. That's the only way. It's also a fun thing to do as others will ask you where you got them from.


Just type them in ^^ (sorry!)


Since Office Communicator is a business application, there is no add-ons available for it apart from the official Communicator Server add-ons. As far as I am aware there is no additional emoticons for Communicator.

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