I want to write a function whereby I could count a cell if it is blank OR greater than a date.

This is a piece in what will be a much larger formula so looking to avoid a solution of SUM(countif(D:D,""),countif(D:D,">"&E1))

The function I have currently looks like this:


Where E1 = 12/1/2015

Thanks for your help!


COUNTIFS() doesn't seem to like mixing array constants and cell references like that. It works fine if you hard-code the date like this:


Or if you don't want to hard-code it, use this array formula. This formula must be confirmed with ctrl+shift+enter.


Note that both of these solutions, as well as just =COUNTIF(D:D,"") will count every blank cell in the column, so you can't select the entire column (unless your data fills the entire column).

  • It isn't that COUNTIFS doesn't like the mixing of array constants and cell references. It is that an array constant cannot contain a cell reference. Array constants can contain only numbers, text, logical values (such as TRUE and FALSE), and error values ( such as #N/A). – Ron Rosenfeld Feb 4 '16 at 3:06

You can construct the required array with a little manipulation, e.g.:


though are you sure you really want to count all blanks within the entirety of column D?


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