So, I have made a little shell script in PHP with some basics functions (ls, cat, etc..) and I'd like to use it as my default shell.

But since I don't want to do a mistake, I have some questions: If I change the /etc/passwd file and say that my shell is now /bash/myshell.php, will it work? Does the file need to be in /bin, or would something like /Downloads/myscript.php work?

I'm running Debian 8

  • It should work, but the most simple way to see it, it is to add a new user and to do your attempts with the new user. (keep always at least one user with a standard shell). Check the attributes of, for example, /bin/bash with the new one (` /bash/myshell.php`), and who you will be in your shell... – Hastur Feb 3 '16 at 13:15

Your new shell should be listed in /etc/shells (by root). Users can then use chsh to change shell. You can store executables in /bin, on other filesystems that depends on the mount options.

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