My keyboard's media keys recognize Grove Music as standard media player and I can't change it. I'am using "Logitech Options" manager, because "SetPoint" manager not compatible with this keyboard. I try this options:

  • Uninstall "Groove Music", but it not work. After media key pressed it automatically installed again.
  • Force assigning application to media key, but other buttons: Rewind, Play/Pause and Forward still assigned to "Grove Music".
  • I try to change extensions ".cda", and AudioCD default media player to mine preferred (AIMP), but still not working.
  • Of course i changed default media, audio, video player in windows settings, but media keys always assigned to "Groove Music".
  • Found only option do not use "Logitech Options" and mine preferred player assigning to media key, but other applied options lost.

Go to 'services' (services.msc). Stop and restart the 'Human Interface Device Service'. It works for me Windows 10 V1703.


Have the same issue with the Logitech K780 keyboard. WORKAROUND I found is to uninstall Logitech Options. Works perfect after that (all config from the Logitech Options will be lost, but at least I can use the media buttons)

Anyway still waiting for an official fix by Logitech so I can use the tools from Logitech Options: I made a complain: https://community.logitech.com/s/question/0D55A00007M01K5SAJ/keyboard-media-keys-force-assigned-to-grove-music-windows-10-and-logitech-k780

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