I'm finding the autocomplete behaviour a bit annoying for websites that have similar urls. My normal way of going to a website which I use often is to type in the first character and press enter. So for example, when I type 'f' the address bar would autocomplete it to 'facebook.com'.

However a few of the websites which I visit often are similar enough that I have to type a number of characters to let Chrome know which one I want to use. For example, if I type 't', it might autocomplete to 'twitter.com', but if I want to go to 'twitch.tv' I have to type out 'twitc' before it correctly autocompletes.

Is there a way to adjust the way this works, or are there any extensions that would let me do so? I would prefer it if typing one character autocompletes to the first most visited site, typing two autocompletes to the second, and so on.

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