I'm using PISG to generate stats for an IRC channel.
Log files are from ZNC log module.
Logs are in this folder: ~/.znc/moddata/log/
The problem is that when i'm generating stats with PISG, my stats.html shows some stranges characters (�) in place of letters with accents (éèàç,..)

Additionnals infos :

  • I use ZNC 1.4 and I cant update
  • ZNC is using UTF-8 internaly
  • I use PISG v0.73 which is the latest version
  • Generated statistics are in french ( I need support of 'éèçàù' etc. )

PISG do have an option to specify LogCharset and Charset (Charset is used for generated page), but I'm unable to have it to display those letters in a correct way. I'm not sure about which charset to specify there.

Also, ZNC supports characters encoding in core since 1.6
but as i'm using 1.4 I need to use ZNC Charset/old module it is unclear to me of which charset i need to set-up.

If I do file -bi on any of my logfiles, it returns "application/stream charset:binary".

Here's a short version of my PISG config file:

    LogPrefix = "math_network_#chanel"
    Format = "energymech"
    Maintainer = "math"
    OutputFile = "/home/math/public_html/irc_stats/stats.html"
    Network = "Network"
    Lang = "FR"

    <set channel="#chanel">
#   <set LogCharset="UTF-8">
#   <set Charset="UTF-8">

I'm about 90% certain that my problem could be solved with ZNC's charset/old module only.

Any idea would be welcome.

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