I'm looking for a way (software or command line tool) to achieve the following on Mac OS X.

  • Take a single Flac file with its Cue sheet.
  • Split it into several tracks.
  • Automaticaly generate a new cue sheet containing the splitted tracks information based on the single cue sheet.

I use XLD a lot. I've looked into xAct as well and tried with shntool with no success.

  • So in this Main Cue sheet it will have the information on how long each Track within the Flac file. And you want to automatically make a new Cue Sheet for each of the Track files. This may help you. It has alternatives to a Program called Medieval Cue splitter. Mar 2 '16 at 12:38

I've been using SBooth's Rip to rip the CD's to CUE+FLAC and SBooth's Max to convert the FLAC into individual MP3 files.

You can also try Medieval CUE Splitter, but Medieval CUE Splitter is a Windows-based tool and there is still no plan for developing the Mac version. If you insist to run Medieval CUE Splitter on Mac, you need to spend $249 to get VMware Workstation Virtual machine which will allow you run Medieval CUE Splitter on Mac. That is too expensive.

There is an alternative Mac version of Medieval CUE Splitter. Maybe you can also give it a try.

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