MobaXterm doesn't correctly pass ctrl-shift-arrow sequences. It doesn't work on emacs, and when I use sed -n l, I see it displays the escape sequence of the arrow key alone instead of the full sequence.

For example, ctrl-shift-right is passed as ^[OC (which is the same as the escape sequence of the right key ^[[C).

Any idea of how to solve this? Note that ctrl-arrow key (without shift) and shift-arrow (without ctrl) pass correctly, and that the session terminal is set to xterm.

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"Correct" would be an appropriate term if there were a well-established standard for special keys. There is none.

Mobaxterm is based on PuTTY (starting with its source-code), and adds some key-bindings to imitate xterm, but the set of key-bindings is not complete.

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