I need to find a way to select all files that are alone in their folders, so I can cut and paste them someplace else. All respective folders are inside one main root folder. Is there a command prompt, or total commander trick for this?

  • What do you want to happen on subdirectories? Do you flag a sole file in a directory which also contains one or more subdirectories? Or a single subdirectory where there are no other files in its parent?
    – AFH
    Commented Feb 6, 2016 at 17:45

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@echo off
Setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion


FOR /D %%G IN ("%ROOT_FOLDER%"\*) do (
CD %%G
    FOR /f %%A in ('dir ^| find "File(s)"') do (
        set cnt=%%A
        Echo %%G  : !cnt!
        IF !cnt! == 1 (
            move /-y "*.*" "%TARGET_FOLDER%"

This Batch will look inside C:\TEST 1 sub folders an count files. once it finds a lonely file it'll move it to C:\TEST 2. it will also ask for overwrite in case file name already exist.

Replace C:\TEST 1 and C:\TEST 2 with your own values.

you can add pause at end of the batch to read the files count echo'ed by it.

$src = "G:\temp"
$target = "G:\notalone"

if (Test-Path $src)
    $folders = Get-ChildItem $src -Recurse | ?{ $_.PSIsContainer }
    foreach($folder in $folders)
        $fc = Get-ChildItem $folder.FullName | ?{!$_.PSIsContainer} | Measure-Object | Select-Object -Expand Count
        if ($fc -eq 1)
            $file = Get-ChildItem $folder.FullName | ?{!$_.PSIsContainer} | Select-Object
            Write-Host "Moving " $file.FullName " to " $target
            Move-Item $file.FullName $target

This should work in Powershell, replace src and target. If you have the same filenames, it will not overwrite. You can add force to Move-Item to make that happen.

This could probably be condensed, I'm novice with powershell.

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