I have recently acquired Dell u2515h (2560x1440), and decided to setup a dual monitor environment with my current LG W2453TQ (1920x1080). My plan was to use the dell monitor in portrait mode, but i noticed something strange after trying that: icons were a little stretched (i guess that's text scaling issue) on my LG monitor. Also: when I set both monitors in landscape, no problem occurred. The weirdest thing was: if I positioned the portrait oriented display (u2515h) from the right side, this problem disappeared, but when I positioned it from the left side of the landscape display (W2453TQ), then this problem occurred again. This is my first time writing here, and I just saw I cannot post images, to make things clearer. I would really appreaciate it if someone has an idea.

Things i tried and did:
- installed both monitors' drivers
- installed the latest gpu drivers
- switched ports on my gpu (gtx 560)
- switched ports on my monitors
- fiddled with text scaling on my OS (Windows)

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