When using the translation feature in Chrome, and upon visiting a foreign web page, there are three options granted:

  1. Always translate the language
  2. Never translate the language
  3. Never translate the web page

A fourth option, which is to ALWAYS translate the web page, is eerily missing.

Is there any way to configure Chrome to always translate a specific web page?

While it is possible to always translate a language and then blacklisting specific websites, I find it a lot more tedious and it would require many additional clicks to get things right. Having some sort of a Chrome URL-based "whitelist" (that is user-configurable of course) of always-translated web pages would be great.

While I do frequently use the translation feature when visiting foreign websites, some websites are viewed better in their original language, and regardless I rather always view the page in its original formatting before I translate it.

Thanks a lot!


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