A group of users in my office would like to use Skype for some regular meetings when they are out of the office. Is there a hard limit to how many users can be in a group video call with the Basic (not Premium) version of Skype?

None of the information on Skype's website is 100% clear.


lists what hardware specifications are recommended for 3, 5 or 7 user group video chats


mentions a possible issue when a tenth user enters a group video call


describes Skype's fair use policy for am ount of time spent on calls


states that the business version can have up to 250 users in a group video conference

none of what I'm finding shows a hard number for how many users can be in a Skype group video conference while using the free version.

Does anyone have any more information? It's looking like it may be a soft limit based on each users system hardware and the bandwidth of all the users.


According to Computerworld article, the limit is 10.

The group video calls let users talk to up to 10 people, but Microsoft recommends calls with up to five people for the best quality.


Now the limit was raised to 25.

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