I downloaded Workstation 7.0, build 203739 from vmware.com, which says it's for 32bit or 64bit operating systems.

When I installed it, it installed automatically to the Program Files(x86) folder of my Windows XPx64 system, and the task manager shows it as vmware.exe(32).

So, my questions is, does the VMware Workstation program come in 64 bit version?

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There's only a single binary of VMware Workstation, which supports both 32 and 64-bit hosts (even though it gets installed in "Program Files (x86)" on Windows x64).

The vmware.exe process is just the front-end and it's always 32-bit, but the actual virtual machines (vmware-vmx.exe) are 64-bit on 64-bit hosts.


The app itself is 32-bit but it supports 16, 32 and 64-bit VMs.


While the VM software is 32 bit it supports 64 bit client OSs with 64bit virtual drivers for the virtualized hardware.


it's correct. VMware workstation 7 only has a single installation for both 32bit and 64bit of windows. The management console program itself is a 32bit, but the virtual drivers will be installed the 64bit version on your Windows 64bit

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