I want to have a presentation loop 6 slides as people walk into the meeting but then I want to switch seamlessly to the main presentation without showing the desktop. Is this possible with either PowerPoint or Keynote?

Many thanks Steven

  • Welcome to Super User. A common mistake new users make here is they fail to include details of what they have already researched or attempted. Please edit your question to include this. If you haven't tried anything yet, I know there are lots of resources available when you search for "powerpoint loop intro until keypress". Give something a try and share what the results are. We can help from there (if needed). – CharlieRB Feb 12 '16 at 21:38
  • Thanks Charlie, to be honest I've only done a Google search but struggled to find an an. I'll do some more search first. – Steven007 Feb 12 '16 at 23:02

This is quite simple in PowerPoint. I do it frequently, usually like so:

I'll usually make the first slide of the main presentation some kind of welcome screen or logo or the like.

Somewhere on it, I add a rectangle and give the rectangle an action setting of hyperlink to other presentation, and link it to the looping presentation. Once the link is all set up, I give the rectangle no line and make its fill 100% transparent so it's invisible.

In the main show, go to the slide show setup dialog, set:

  • Presented by a speaker (full screen)
  • Loop continuously until Esc

Now you can start the main show, click the rectangle (now invisible) to start the loop show. When you want to return to the main show, press ESC to dismiss the looping show, and away you go.

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