I recently installed Gnome music on a Ubuntu 14.04 system with Unity desktop. However, there is a peculiar issue. Every time I play a song several windows pop up (six same windows for each song). So when the entire song list is played I have several pop-up windows open and I have to manually close them. Is there a setting which can help resolve this situation? Is it particular to Unity desktop?

See attached pic. Gnome music pop-up window

  • I can confirm this on a few installs of 16.04. To test I used a 16.04 VM installed ubuntu-gnome-desktop logged into the gnome session and gnome-music worked as intended. Back in the unity session I got the pop in the screenshot (and the unity desktop has gnome elements all over the place and looks broken). – LiveWireBT May 16 '16 at 16:58

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