By going to Preferences > All > Interface > Main Interface > QT I found that we can change the colour of the volume slider. Since I never use volume above 100%, I changed the max volume displayed to 100%.

But when I went about to change the colour of the volume slider, I couldn't understand how it works. The default setting were as follows:


So, I changed the values, as desired, to these:


But I got this:

enter image description here

I wanted these colours:

enter image description here

Can anyone help me?


I found the solution after some try!

These are the RGB values. So each three sets of values determines the colour.


I used the following values:


0;0;255 stand for Blue.
0;255;0 stand for green.

0;0;255;0;255;0;0;255;0;0;255;0 [ Blue ][ Green ]

And I got the following result: enter image description here

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Just in case you wanted to use the actual colours you specified in your question:

enter image description here

Use 255;0;255;64;0;255;0;191;255;0;255;64

Or in reverse:

enter image description here

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