I have a very strange situation with my computer. This is Win10 with both jdk8 x86 and jdk8 x64 with 16GB ram and 3.6GHz i7 processor. I develope with eclipse ide and tomcat webserver.

I have the same workstation configuration in another computer with less memory (8GB) and lower cpu (i7 3.4Ghz).

In the first computer tomcat server startup takes 30/35s and also when it is idle I saw 17% of cpu consumption from tomcat java process.

In the second computer I got a startup in 6s and in idle status, tomcat process do not consume cpu.

The running software is the same, eclipse and tomcat version are the same. I also tried to update JDK to last update but I have the same problem.

Why I got this very different performance with the same software?

UPDATE Running tomcat from command line without eclipse integration I have a good performance also in the first computer, so I think it should be the eclipse integration to slow down tomcat.

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I change everything, rebuild all, refresh project, remove and recreate server connections and at the end this is the answer:

Deleting all breakpoints of eclipse.

Got it from: https://stackoverflow.com/a/1373547/861646

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