In my code:

ffmpeg -i "video.m2ts" -vn -sn -acodec flac "audio.flac"

The output .flac audio file gives me 500kbps bitrate, which makes the file size big. I want to lower down the audio bitrate but I can't find any options to do that. Any ideas to solve this? Thanks.

(I just need to audio file by the way)


FLAC is a lossless codec, so compressibility is limited.

At best, you can use

ffmpeg -i "video.m2ts" -vn -sn -acodec flac -compression_level 12 "audio.flac"

Since you have a MPEG transport stream, you can also try

ffmpeg -i "video.m2ts" -vn -sn -acodec copy "audio.mp4"

This will extract the audio without re-compression.

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