When typing text in Windows and switching between left-to-right and right-to-left input languages, you typically get a visual indication on the text cursor to show you which mode you're in (LTR or RTL), like so:

Text cursor indicates RTL language

However, on Windows 10 when using Firefox, I've found that the indication is missing from the cursor:

Text cursor not indicating RTL or LTR

This is seen both in text boxes that make up the Firefox UI and in text boxes that are part of the web page contents.

How can I make the visual indication for LTR/RTL appear in Firefox on Windows 10?


I think this is a mis-feature of Mozilla's implemention of cursors in widgets. This is also very annoying when composing mail messages in Thunderbird - for years and on multiple platforms (Win XP, Win 7, Linux w/GTK).

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