I have what appears to be a window which is always created in my desktop environment:

full desktop


See that white bar in the upper left corner? It seems to be a 5x1 pixel window. I can drag it around. Right click does nothing. It is always present and on all desktops.

In the screenshots I am using i3 window manager, but the window is also present when I use x fce4 (via Xubuntu, the distro installed on this system).

Is there a way to determine what is creating that window and or kill it?

Cause found:

Found the culprit thanks to answers. It was ibus-ui-gtk3


xwininfo (just start it and click on the window with the cross icon that appears) can tell you some details of that window and xkill can get rid of it. Unfortunately, the starter script system of ANY window manager is a stack of spaghetti and whenever attempts to simplify are made it's even more spaghettified so I don't dare to give hints without seeing. Once you have info about the window, you may have some clue what to search for.

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You could try using wmctrl to list all the windows with the pids that own them

$ wmctrl -lp
0x02400001  0 5384   bagend TweetDeck - Google Chrome
0x01e00023  0 5331   bagend linux - How can I determine what causes a mystery window to be created? - Super User - Mozilla Firefox

This will list all the current windows being managed by the window manager. The third field is the pid of the process owning the window

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  • Nothing strange appears there. Maybe I'm wrong in assuming it's a window. – Jon Surrell Feb 16 '16 at 10:21

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